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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Finally at home, and what do I do.... Part 2

Ok, I started the installations and couldn't decide what to install so I installed this:
-4 DCs, SMS, MOM, Exchange, ISA, SPS, MIIS, SQL, Storage and a bunch of clients.
Well, you're right the clients are not that interesting - but you need to have them for a reality check (more info on this further down). Totally there is 12 servers with a connected "home-SAN" + clients.

To be honest I'm not done yet... I think.... Why?
Well, since I'm rarely at home with Carola (girlfriend) I was feeling guilty after a while... Come on! You know how it is, right? In regards of "reality check" I mean that I haven't fully tested all functionality yet, but trust me, if there is something wrong that will cause the clients to fail I will have a "support call" pretty soon! Yep, you guessed it, the laptop that Carola is using is part of this network, and she will go online any minute now :)

If you're interested in the procedure to do a full forest recovery search here. The reason I just post a URL is that if I would write a step-by-step, I wouldn't have time to finish my wine in this "oh-so-boring-hotel-bar" until it's time to go back to Sweden... :)


Gianluca said...

I hope you phoned Tibor, remember you are not allowed to install SQL unless you call one of us :*)

Jimmy Andersson [AD & Security MVP] said...

Hey Chico, you know I only call when I got myself into trouble... Why do it right the first time? That's why I'm friends with you guys ;)