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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Weekend in London, part 1

My dear but crazy friends blogged about my trip to London last weekend, so I thought I should give my version... In multiple posts…

On the way to the airport:
Woke up in time for the cab for once, me and Carola arrived at the airport with plenty of time to kill before boarding. Since we didn’t have breakfast, we headed to the lounge for some coffee and sandwiches (yes, we tried the beer as well). After a while we got bored and headed for the gate, still with plenty of time.
Arrived at pier F (far walk and I couldn’t hail a cab) and realized that boarding has not started yet. Walk past the pier (50m) to the bar, bought some drinks and relaxed.

Ok, recap – we’re sitting 50m from the gate, have plenty of time before boarding.

Took a look at the watch and realized that we should move towards the gate, arrived at the gate – we are the only ones there!! Walk up and the girl was just about to get on the PA… Yeah, I was late again and almost missed the plane…
After the usual “angry faces” from the other passengers already sitting and waiting for us we where ready for take-off!

1 comment:

Laura said...

By all means, allow me:

"Mister Andersson, you are delaying the flight!"