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Monday, October 10, 2005

Mr. Andersson you are delaying the flight.....

Yep, they said it again!

For those of you who know me, I really s*ck when it comes to be on time at the airport. I was supposed to be up at 5am this morning, but what happens..... The cab driver called and woke my girlfriend and she woke me up, so as usual I threw some clothes in the bag, grabbed my laptops (yes, it's laptopS) and told the driver:
"Hurry up - I'll pay any speeding ticket, just get me there asap"....

Got to check-in, I was too late so they had to call the gate and ask them to wait for me. After security check I had to run like my a** was on fire, and heard "Mr. Andersson, please hurry to the gate. You are delaying the flight!" over and over on the PA.

Ok, I made the flight. Landed in Helsinki, Finland just to realize I took the wrong currency with me.... No biggie, just change from USD to Euro. Got into the cab when I realized that I didn't know which office to go to, HP have two offices in Helsinki but no one told me that....
Told the cabbie, go to the closest one and I can go in and ask. Yep, you're right - of course it was the wrong office....

But I made it eventually, and now I'm here to start my consultant gig where I'm helping HP with a migration/company split. So it looks like I will spend most of my time in Finland the rest of the year. :)


A.Hunter said...

Hi, I really enjoyed your Blog. Keep it up!


Adam Hunter

Josef - Sundsvall said...

Hi Jimmy
Keep up this blog with more stories like this and I will visit you often :-)
Since WM-Data know bought Atos I´m now working in Sale Support team for WM-data with outsourcing assignment.

I hope you enjoy your stay in Finland and maybe we can find time to "swing a beer" in Stockholm in the near future?