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Monday, October 17, 2005

Great Italian food in Stockholm

After the UG meeting I took Jesper Johansson, Michael Anderberg, Fia (aka Fido) Lindström and my girlfriend Carola Mattsson out for dinner at Bohemia by Mancini. I just love this restaurant, all the staff and their food can be summed up in one word; FANTASTIC!

Well, if you ever have been out eating with me in Stockholm, you know that this is the place to go. It’s absolutely my favorite place; some people call it my home since I try to go there as much as possible when I’m at home in Sweden.

So what would I recommend?
Ask them if you can visit the wine cellar, they have some really good ones – But they might be spoken for since I have my own rack in their cellar :)
Then be sure to have enough time when you go back to the restaurant, since I recommend the tasting menu. Trust me; it will give the word “dinner” a whole new meaning...

So, what did we do then?
Well, read above...... :)

Carola and Fido (aka Fia) were a bit concerned that the “dinner discussions” would be too geeky and all about bits and bytes... Well, to be honest every “normal” human would.... Me and Jesper (both likes to discuss SDDL as an example) at the same table.... Then add Michael and you should be very concerned.... BUT we actually managed to keep ourselves from getting too technical (or the word geeky might be a better choice...)

To sum it up:
  • Great wine

  • Great food

  • Fun discussions

  • Lovely company - hey, I’m talking about the girls here... ;)

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