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Monday, October 10, 2005

AD and LDAP compliance

I often get the question if Active Directory is LDAP compliant. Well, I could start ranting here but I won't. Instead I'll just direct you to the Active Directory LDAP Compliance paper:

This paper discuss the following:
- What is LDAP?
- What does it mean to be LDAP compliant?
- AD's LDAP compliance
- Compliance misconceptions
- Directory Interoperability

So, if you want to learn more about LDAP compliance I recommend to start with this paper. If you're a geek like me :) there's always a bunch of RFCs to read...


SMP For SQL said...

Hi Dude,

LDAP is a directory standard founded on the legacy X.500 directory. It's initial implementations provided gateway services between X.500 directory servers and clients. Thanks a lot....

Tina Fox said...

It doesn't seem like the link goes to the correct place? I'm very interested in reading the article you mention on ldap.