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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Back from South Africa...

I'm back in Sweden, but in less than 6 hours it is take off heading to Brisbane, Australia. After a couple of days work I'm off again to Santiago, Chile for a couple of days and then I'm heading for London, UK.
So, what am I doing during these short stays you might wonder.... Well, in Johannesburg, South Africa we realized that we wasn't told the whole truth about the environment... Let's just say new forests and domains was discovered so we thought that it would be better if myself and Wolfgang, who is responsible for Exchange, would be the ones going to the major locations and do some discovery work, i.e. run our scripts to find out the details and the truth about the environment.

So what we will be doing the next 12 days is a trip around the world... And people were impressed by doing it in 80 days.... :)