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Monday, October 17, 2005

Usergroup meeting

Now this UG (no name yet) is born!

We decided to create a mailinglist, Sharepoint site and have a meeting once a month to start with. We will keep this UG informal and use it as a forum to discuss ideas about infrastructure, mostly Microsoft but also other vendors. Why? Because that’s real-life!

It was really fun and we had some great discussions with Jesper Johansson about security and other fun things as SDDL and the undocumented stuff ;)
Of course I will blog about SDDL as the true geek I am – but I just haven’t found time to do it yet….

What if I would like to join this UG?
  • Sorry, there is not yet an official site (or whatever) to sign up. BUT keep an eye on this blog and I’ll post information as soon as it is available.

Thanks to all of you that took time on a Saturday and showed up at the meeting!

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