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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Weekend in London, part 2

Arrived at Heathrow:
Ok, I know most people don’t believe me but we actually took the underground all the way to Kensington from Heathrow… Mark couldn’t believe it…
Came to Hilton Kensington to check in, I’d requested for 10am check-in which of course wouldn’t happen but she checked us in at the Executive floor, (Mark, the real exec floor, not the one you where in :)) told us that we could use the Executive Lounge (which sounds much better than it is) to have drinks and food while we wait an hour until we get access to the room.
Got into the lounge, realized it had NO food, NO drinks (but coffee for order) ONLY water! Well to be honest they actually had it chilled and sparkling… Ok, the moral so far; don’t book Hilton Kensington if you are used to a proper lounge….

In the room we unpacked, thinking of heading out when we realized that Mark (known as Shrek) will check-in in an hour or two… Instead we took a catnap.
Mark text me saying he’s arrived, we didn’t care because we were asleep……

Woke up and called up Mark and went down to meet him at the bar and had some wine (or was it beer?). Now we only waited for Nick and Steve to join us….

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