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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

London - Part 4

Saturday; time to do the tourist stuff and meet another Geek, aka Oli Restorick aka Oli.
Met up with Oli around lunch, realized that we need food and wine so we went into the first bar we saw. The waiter spilled wine all over me, and don’t start – it wasn’t my fault this time!
I “casually” told him to bring another bottle (not glass) for free – he looked stumped… but actually brought us another bottle! :)
Hailed a cab and “became” tourists for a couple of hours, it was really fun and Mark had some interesting facts to share about the London Bridge. All and all, we had a good day.

Time to get back to the hotel and freshen up for the night; the plan was to have a nice dinner. An old friend of mine called and we decided to meet up at the hotel. They came pretty late and we started to chat… After some wine/beer we realized it was too late to get a decent table at any restaurant we decided to have pizza at the hotel. Pizza was good and we had a great relaxing time.

Sunday – Time to get up early to say goodbye to Mark that needed to get back home. Oli gave us a lift to Thomas Lee’s (aka Bubba) place in Cookham for a late lunch which included fantastic wines and wonderful food. I must say that I’m impressed by his wine cellar!
Comment of the day was said by Carola after she saw Bubba’s office; - “You’re not a geek!”
Obviously Bubba had more geeky things than I :)
After a couple of hours of wine and good food, we needed to get back to London – by train. But we actually did it with getting lost! Took a long walk in the London night and finished the day early if memory serves…

Monday, last day – Me and Carola is trying to get to Picadilly to meet Jesika for lunch.
Of course we took the wrong train, ended up God knows where…. Found a local pub – really small and everybody knew everybody in there. So Carola decided to have Fish & Chips, of course that would be the place to have it – far away from the tourist places.
Since we weren’t sure in which part of London (if it was London) the pub was, we decided to take a cab instead of the tube. Met up with Jesika, had a nice lunch and then it was time for shopping!
Ok, we shopped for less than an hour…..

Just before midnight we got back to Uppsala, Sweden – Repacked for Helsinki and got 4 hours sleep until I was back at Arlanda airport again…..

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