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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

This weekend Mark is in Sweden!

This weekend Mark is coming to my place in Uppsala! Carola has planned his activities and I’m not sure what is going to happen other than I had to go get some good champagne and wine and book a table at Mancini. That was all she trusted me to do!
Well, to be honest she knows us far too well and she has seen us goofing around in Amsterdam and London with her own eyes already. But in our defense, in Amsterdam we had Gianluca, Olaf, Steve and Daniel (last name left out to save the innocent) in the same apartment and in London we spent the time (not the same apartment) with Nick, Oli and Steve… Yeah, if you know which ones I’m talking about you know how the rest went. ;)

Well, it is always good to have one of your best friends visiting and it will be fun and hopefully relaxed. As I said, I have only one plan and that is to take him to the best restaurant in Stockholm, after that Carola is in charge.

1 comment:

Nick Gillott said...

Be afraid Uppsala, be VERY afraid...

Wish I could be there boys, have one or ten for me.