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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Securing Exchange 2003

A friend of mine that happens to be an Exchange MVP just told me the secret of securing Exchange. Do you want to know?

“Don’t break the seal!”
     - Mark Arnold, February 25, 2006


Mark Arnold said...

What can I say. It's 10:44 and he hasn't given me any champagne yet.
Some host !!

Jimmy Andersson [AD & Security MVP] said...

....I asked you and you said no! Some guest.... ;)

Jimmy Andersson [AD & Security MVP] said...

...By the way, you're in Sweden, a different timezone so you should set your watch accordingly or download MS Time Zone Utility (

Nick Gillott said...

You fly across the little pond to see your tiny mate and the best you can do is bitch to each other on a blog server in the US.

You are both VERY geeky. Imagine sitting around on a computer on a Saturday morning when drinking could be done.

Oh. [signs off hurriedly]