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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Ok, I know I haven't been updating...

Ok, I know it was month ago since I last updated this blog, to be honest I haven’t had much time. Since the last post I’ve worked about 17 hours on average almost 7 days a week and as many of you know, that never goes well since the Enterprise Admin in my house also want to spend time with me (still)…

What have I been up to you might ask, well first of all I’ve spent most of my time in Finland on a project for HP as a subcontractor. We are doing a company split and it is more work than I signed up for… But it is a challenge; sometimes fun and sometimes not. You all know how it is, some good and some bad as always in a project this size.

If that was not enough I also do a seminar series for Cornerstone called ExpertZone. This time the main theme is Active Directory & MIIS where I present two sessions, Active Directory Future and Active Directory Troubleshooting. First session is about the original idea with Active Directory and what lies ahead for the future (well, at least what I can say without breaking NDA) and the second one I don’t think I have to explain… ;)
We’ve been I Stockholm last week, next week is in Gothenburg and then I think we are going to Sundsvall…?

I just visit the website for Exchange Forum here in Sweden, I’m going to speak about how to use Monad to administrate Exchange 12, and realized a lot of my friends are also speaking there! I’m already looking forward to it!

Besides this I had 4 days where I was in Sandviken and trained their global Active Directory team in troubleshooting, obviously my own course tweaked to suit their needs. Sandvik is an interesting company with all the challenges you need as an Active Directory admin, it is kind of big and if memory serves they have a presence in 131 countries. They were a lot of fun and we had a good time, last day we did more like an Q&A with a lot of people outside their Active Directory team.

Well, now I’m back at Hilton in Helsinki sitting by the open fire in the bar and just relaxing…

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