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Friday, October 24, 2014


A long time ago I wrote a script that restored a whole tree of objects, basically it restored an OU and all objects that belonged to that OU. The first time I showed it was in a session at Microsoft TechDays in Örebro 2010. After that, it served me well over the years, even though it didn’t have error handling and other good stuff. But since I was the only one using it and knew how the script worked – it was ok J

This year I presented at a conference in Åre and showed the script once again. Since people liked it, I wanted to post it somewhere but didn’t feel comfortable since it lacked a lot of features. Getting the time to fix it was hard but my colleague and friend Simon Wåhlin (who has forgotten more about Powershell than I know today) did re-write it and has now published it.

If you want to see a cool script, check it out here:


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