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Friday, January 15, 2010

Enable Recycle Bin - but not with Powershell

A question from yesterday: "Must I use Powershell to enable Recycle Bin in AD?"
The answer is: No.

You can also use LDP to do it. What you need to know is the GUID of the Recycle Bin and where to add it.

To find the GUID you need to browse to:
CN=Recycle Bin Feature,CN=Optional Features,CN=Directory Service,CN=Windows NT,CN=Services,CN=Configuration,DC=domainName,DC=xxx

And look at the msDS-OptionalFeatureGUID value (which is 766ddcd8-acd0-445e-f3b9-a7f9b6744f2a).

Then you need to modify the CN=Partitions,CN=Configuration, DC=domainName,DC=xxx container:
1. Right-click it and select: "Modify"
2. Delete everything in the "DN:" box, it MUST be empty!
3. In the "Edit Entry Attribute:" box type: enableOptionalFeature
4. In the "Values" box type: CN=Partitions,CN=Configuration, DC=domainName,DC=xxx:766ddcd8-acd0-445e-f3b9-a7f9b6744f2a
5. In "Operation" you select "Add" click "Enter" and last you click "Run"

You have now enabled the Recycle Bin feature in AD!

Note - this is a Windows 2008 R2 feature so it won't work on legacy OS. You must also replace domainName and xxx with whatever your environment is called.

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