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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Finally a new post!

I know it has been a long time since I blogged so don't start ;)

Have you ever installed a 64-bit OS for personal use? If not, think twice!
I just got my new Dell machine, dual-core 4GB RAM and all sorts of goodies (but NO fancy graphics card, it will only be used as a test machine for servers). Ok, I ordered it with XP 64-bit from Dell, but I forgot to order the darn wireless card. So I thought you could call Dell, tell them that you just ordered a new machine from them and give them the specs...
How stupid was I!!!! First they say that they have no wireless card that support 64-bit, so I told him there was an option during the "configure my computer" wizard that had an option for a wireless card. He says, NO we don't have any wireless cards that supports 64-bit.

Now I'm getting a bit worried, so I (during the time I was on the phone with him) ran through the wizard again and did some screen shots and sent them to him. He says that it is impossible, which forced me to ask him:
"So you have a NIC that customers can order with the wizard that will not work when the computer arrives?"

His answer:
"Yes, but people should know what they order"

Which I replied to:
"But I had to tell you what a 64-bit OS is! And you are selling these things!"

He replied:
"You need to call another NIC supplier."

So, I went to MS website and scrolled through the HCL for 64-bit XP, and guess what! There is a Dell card that will work! But unfortunately the Dell website actually lists 2 NICs with the same name and on the HCL the one that is NOT manufactured by Dell is the one that will work on 64-bit. (The name on Dell's website is 1450)

You get the correct hardware from the HCL, the company that sells them have 2 NICs available with the same name and NO specs so you can't tell which one is supported or not!

Guess what, I will not order a Dell NIC, I will find another manufacturer on the HCL and order from them......

BTW - Next post will be DFSR in R2....

Ok, back to work now :)

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