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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Mark Arnold missed the plane

I’m not alone!!

My good friend Mark Arnold is visiting this weekend, he was supposed to fly in on Friday and land at 13.20... Guess what happens, he missed the plane… And no, he didn’t even try to get to the airport in time because he missed the date!! Yes, the man missed the plane by a day!!

BTW - if you have the chance to attend Exchange Forum in Sweden this week, check out Mark's presentation about Exchange 2007. I've had the luck to see the .ppts and it looks good, if Mark is speaking about Exchange I will listen.


Nick Gillott said...

"Mark missed the plane"? I see from his blog that he is not taking the blame on that one.

One of you screwed up and I'm prepared to listened to reasoned arguments as to who it was. Loser (and I'm the judge) pays for the evening's champagne...

Jimmy Andersson [AD & Security MVP] said...

I won, I was waiting for him at the airport on Friday... :)